Episode -51

We're back again and in this episode we talk about Motorcyclists getting kicked by cops, People jerking off in burger king, Monkeys steeling cameras, George Clooney's puppies, and we got a TON of emails!

Episode -52

Unfurled is back again with a post FC con report from Vox and Roland, a discussion on Android and Apple, The big 3 mobility companies dicking us around and the use of phones in social situation and the affect it is having on society. Come and join us and listen in.

Episode -53

We're back again! This time we talk about out fantasies of winning the powerball, and get (some of) ourselves psyched up for FC! also Goat-Adoom
Episode -54 The crew comes back for the first episode of 2016! We discuss some mass molestations in this episode and the issues surrounding them.
Episode -55 Sorry for the late episode peoples. We are still getting the whole editing thing figured out and static. Join the UnFurled crew (missing one Vox) in their discussions and harrasing of Tal.
Episode -56 The final missing episode is now up and all our listeners can rejoice, if we still have any. In this episode we discuss gun control, some of our nostalgia (again) and more! Join the crew and enjoy
Episode -57 Another episode late but finally uploaded! Join the crew as we discuss more nostalgia and should we consider emoji part of the English language.
Episode -58 So we are a little bit late...or..like...a lot late. BUT we are back in this episode with lots more talking and discussion. Join us as we discuss the Syrian refugee crisis and experience some minor...ish...technical issues.