Episode -65

We're back again! This time we tackle the fairly heavy topic of freedom of expression vs the sick and twisted! Also volkswagen cheatrs on emissions or something... Emails abound, and unlike some of our previous episodes, much less bitching about technical problems!

Episode -66

This episode we discuss people stabbing others over food and people thinking clocks are explosive. In other news Vox is no longer allowed to make changes to our production website!

Episode -67

This episode we are plagued by technical problems, up to and including uploading the podcast at all!! We also talk about drunk people mistaking old people for homeless people, and the wonders of pot!
Episode -68 In this episode all of our stuff breaks and we have to start over... In this episode, we talk bout biggots, religion, google, tech industry, restaurants, nostalgia, and a bunch of other stuff. We managed to get the stream working (sorta) but we're still playing with it.
Episode -69 We actually got to number 2! A feat given out history. This episode we talk shitty cops and shitty people. a lot of bad stuff going on with the shooting of 2 reporters, and the Ashley Madison leaks. We also get through a few emails, with a quick note, and a request to you our beautiful listeners.
Episode -70 UnFurled is BACK! No news in this episode however Vox Tal and Roland are now joined by Adoom and the four of them get to catch up and start things off again. This episode will be a little rough as we are still working to get back into the swing of things and hammer out everything we need. Come join us again and catch up to the now returned UnFurled. If you have any questions, comments or want to just shout at us email us at us@UnFurled.net
We're Back! Quick announcement! We are, right now, getting our shit together to start making more episodes for all < 1 listeners that we still have! So send us mail! ...Hello?.....you're still there right?