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Meet the cast of the UnFurled Podcast.


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'Lord' Vox Anteron

Species:Pure Awesome (sometimes pronounced Gryphon)
Gender: Male
Age: 635(29)
Orientation: Gay
Status: Ball and Chain
Headphones: Shure-SRH440, AKG-K550
Glasses Prescription: -0.5/-1.5
Natural Fur Colour: White

Vox is your typical IT guy. He plays around with computers and software all the time and calls it fun. When he's not stuck in front of a computer screen playing with settings he's playing games instead. The gryphon is quite a gamer playing most kinds of games (Sports games are not fun at all!) and his interests even spill over into board games, card games and pen and paper RPGs. Always a cheerful guy he tried his best to lend a balanced voice to the podcast and to add his opinion to the others. Regardless of the topic Vox will always be ready to chirp in and discuss whatever topic or email is at hand.